Our Services

We provide unbiased advice and guidance to clients in search of Business Process Management (BPM) and/or Document Management (DM) solutions.

Advisory Services

We desire to see you succeed in your BPM and/or DM projects. The role we play can be tailored to best fit your plans and objectives.


We employ specialists with a wide range of skills and commercial experience across multiple projects and business domains who are all focused on our core skill of BPM and DM solutions.

On-going Support

We provide first level software maintenance and support to customers for our BPM and DM products.

Given our experience in such solution-space, clients can rely on us to provide input on technical and implementation perspectives, allowing them to keep their focus on pragmatic business views without being overwhelmed to grapple with the technology involved.

We can work with clients to move from general justifications of such solutions to understanding the specific benefits that they can expect within their environment, aiding clients in translating these to specific justifications that apply to their business. We can also work with clients in the evaluation of BPM and DM solutions, lending an independent view.

We have the skills and experience in implementing the WorflowGen BPM and iManage Works products. When and where the fit is right, we offer these products along with implementation and technical support services.  We provide project management services as well to help clients achieve a successful adoption of their chosen BPM and/or DM solutions.